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Serviceing The New York/ New Jersey Area

With todays fast pace businesses enviorment staying focused on your customers and their needs is a full time job. The last thing you want to worry about is how to keep your your own back office up to the challenges you face each day. Let the PCSherpas help you. We will partner with your business to improve the quality of your back office thechnologies so your staff business staff can keep up with you!

Products and services offered...

  • We provide Analisys of your current back office processes flows and suggest areas where automation and software packages can provide productivity boosts.
  • Outsourcing PC Technical Support geared towards Small single person businesses to Mid-Sized Businesses.
  • Management of Computer Systems software and hardware upgrades.
  • We partner with you and your business to drive down cost and incress productivity and data accuracy!

Our Pricings and solutions are geared to fit the size of your business and revenues 


Think your business is too small to see an ROI gain from money spent with us? Think again! We customise all of our solutions and services to fit your budget and timelines.  


 Consultaions are Free so lets discuss what we can do for you. 

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Email John at  John@pcsherpa.com or jmmtechnologies@gmail.com
Phone Inquiries are also welcome (908)-431-4006